The oldest of nine children, I was tutored at home during childhood, first by my mother and then a German woman with a passion for science and history. I could never find enough books to keep my mind busy, even with the vast library that my father kept.

I wrote my first short stories around the age of nine, and was completing full length manuscripts by the age of twelve.

I left home around fourteen or fifteen, staying with family and friends among the western States. As the years passed I continued to read everything I could lay hands on.

In adulthood I began building towards a career in criminal justice, particularly criminal psychology. I received various certifications, awards and schooling in the field before discovering parapsychology and finding myself drawn into the mystery of the mind.

I’ve released a couple of romance novels I wrote as a youth, but have also published some more recently completed erotica. I have a large hard drive full of unpublished stories and novels, some from childhood and some from more recent. I hope to eventually offer them on my website (if nowhere else) to let others enjoy watching a daydreaming little girl mature into adulthood – through her writing.

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